Welcome to the WINGS-TRUST Foundation website.
The aim of the TRUST is to give support to the children staying in the children’s home WINGS in Madurai, South India.

The WINGS home is an entirely Indian initiative, and its small size and personal attention make it different from other Indian children’s homes.
Admittance to WINGS is highly selective, and the home prefers to allow children to live with family or acquaintances, whenever possible.  There are, however, some children who have nowhere to turn to or who have been forced to do manual labour, and WINGS is meant for them. They are given a home and the opportunity to go to school.

Donations make it possible to offer these children a different future.

The children

There are around fifteen children in the WINGS-home, ranging in age from 4 to 16. The children come from “broken homes”. Problems, such as alcoholism, suicide and psychiatric illnesses are common. Most of the children have already experienced a lot before coming to the WINGS-home.

Especially girls

WINGS mainly focuses on girls. There is a strong preference for sons in Tamil Nadu, especially in the countryside. Having a daughter means that a dowry will need to be paid when she gets married, an amount many poor families can barely raise. The preference for boys has resulted in cases of premature abortion of female foetuses or to the intentional neglect or death of newly born girls. Even when girls are kept alive, their position in the family, how they are treated and invested in, is far less than what the boys receive. They also get less medical attention and education. WINGS believes that girls should be allowed to flourish and get education. By focusing on girls, WINGS-home shows that girls matter.

And a few guys…

Yet there are also boys living at WINGS, the brothers of some of the girls who live at WINGS. WINGS prefers to keep siblings together because these children have already been through so much. Most children have a sister or a brother living in the WINGS-home.  One fourth of all the children living at WINGS are boys, the rest are girls.

Admittance policy

The WINGS policy is to only admit children who have no one to provide for them.  Discussions are first held with the child and the adult who brings the child to the WINGS-home. They are told what kind of home WINGS is, so that it is clear what they can and cannot expect. The house rules are also discussed; only when all parties agree, a child can come to live at WINGS.

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