Become a friend

Reasons to become a Friend of WINGS TRUST:

  • Your contribution goes directly to the children of the WINGS home
  • The WINGS House is in the hands of trustworthy and dedicated Indian staff
  • A small amount of money can make a big change:
  • 1500/- rupees per month; A child can grow up and be educated in the safe WINGS environment for (this amount covers costs for food, clothes, school, health and care).
  • 6000/- rupees per month; covers the costs for our gas and electricity bills
  • 3000/- rupees per month; pays for the rice for all children in the home
  • 1500/- rupees per month; pays the monthly fee for vocational training for 1 of our children


You can financially support WINGS TRUST by:

  • Becoming a Friend of WINGS and financially support the children’s home with a donation.
  • Do you have something to celebrate (wedding or anniversary)? Perhaps you could request a donation be made to WINGS instead of receiving a gift.

Other contributions

Are you inspired after reading this and want to help?
That can be done in several ways.

For example:

  • By telling others about the WINGS-home.
  • By staging an event to raise funds for WINGS, e.g. through your school or company.
  • By giving an in kind donation (please call us first to check what the needs are)
  • Do you have a specific expertise that could help WINGS? Do you for example have good computer skills, technical expertise, fundraising skills or experience with communication. Please let us know!
  • Do you have other ideas? We would love to hear from you!

Examples of events:

  • Selling goods or foods (on festivals or fairs, for example).
  • Organize a sponsored event.
  • Propose contributing the budget for Corporate Social Responsibility of your organization’s to WINGS TRUST.


Bank details – India


Local Account No:   821810110002544

SWIFT code:           BKID IN BB COM

IFSC Code:             BKID0008218

Bank Address:          Bank of India, 2/1121, New Natham Road, Iyer Bungalow, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, 625 014

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