Goals achieved

Since its creation, WINGS TRUST has achieved a great deal for the children living at WINGS in India, with the help of both friends and other donations. You can find an overview of our ongoing actions below.

Children received care and education

Since 2000 more than 30 children stayed with WINGS for a shorter or longer period.

Two children are currently in vocational trainings and four children finished their trainings and are financially independent now.  None of these children were married of before the age of 18.

House construction

As the numbers of children grew, the rented space was eventually too small. It was a single room and the older boys and girls needed separate sleeping quarters. Furthermore, there was only one toilet and shower. In the Netherlands, a large event was organized by the Foundation ‘Friends of WINGS’ to raise cash for a new WINGS home in 2006-2007. Both friends and various funds made it possible for the house to be built. The money to purchase the land, which lies half an hour’s drive from Madurai, was brought together by WINGS TRUST. The construction began in 2007 and the WINGS family moved into the building in 2008.

Solar panels

“Power cuts”, better known as power failures, were a serious problem; the loss of electricity for hours occurs almost daily. That is problematic when medications need to be kept cool and when there is no light to do homework by, etc. Which explains their wish for an independent supply. In 2009, twenty solar collectors were placed on the roof and a water heating system installed, warmed by sunlight. Three lanterns in the garden also derive their energy from the sun.

A jeep

Because the WINGS-home is located a bit further away from facilities, private means of transport was necessary. A jeep was purchased in autumn 2010, which has really come in handy for transporting the children, and buying groceries and gas cylinders.

Ongoing actions

A homework tutoring project was launched in January 2012 for children living near the children’s home. Children in rural areas lag significantly behind at school compared with children from cities. In villages, parents are often illiterate and unable to help their children with their homework. Moreover, these children often have no lit place to do their homework (night falls quickly, between 5:30 and 6 pm). Alexander and Helen have set up homework classes in ten surrounding villages. Each village has taken on a woman with a high school education, who is trained by WINGS. She comes to the WINGS-home to talk about the progress in her village and she also shares her experiences with the other homework tutors every month. Helen and Alexander are responsible for the monthly meetings and they keep an eye on the project’s progress. A lit room, big enough to hold around 30 children, was the only contribution requested from the village.

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