WINGS Trust is officially registered with the Indian Government and has a Board of Directors, which meets several times a year. The Treasurer writes annual financial reports, which are verified by an external auditor. There is also regular consultation between the board and Helen and Alexander.

Board members are:

    • Mrs. Helen Faustina, Managing Trustee


    • Mr.S. Alexander,  Development consultant, Executive Trustee


    • Mr. Chellappa, The Financial Trustee has over 30 years of experience with financial management and currently works as  financial Consultant to NGOs Tamil Nadu.


    • Mr. Chidambaranathan, Boardmember, Mr. S. Chidambaranathan is a successful homeopathy doctor with over 23 years experience. He runs his own clinic in Madurai (Laxmi Homeo Clinic).


WINGS TRUST board members receive no reward for their duties.

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